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1ED3V2015EASA QRP ALL1,465,21598768531.3F4BKV
2DK3WE2015DLSA QRP ALL1,445,2201,13062036.0  
3OE2S2015OESA QRP ALL1,439,25698965935.6OE2VEL
4IZ8JFL/12016ISA QRP ALL (T)856,85483854330.6 
5IZ8JFL/12015ISA QRP ALL (T)829,92090653231.0 
6NA1DX/32014W3SA QRP ALL (T)715,28862742430.5 
7F5BEG2017FSA QRP ALL617,26563643530.0 
8AC8GX2014W8SA QRP ALL (T)576,46056938032.9 
9K3WW2015W3SA QRP ALL543,14454137122.1 
10OK2FD2016OKSA QRP ALL530,24453139621.2 
11IZ3NVR2014ISA QRP ALL (T)511,16660843128.8 
12W1NT2014W1SA QRP ALL (T)477,95449331830.7  
13W1NT2015W1SA QRP ALL438,41640337625.0 
14IZ3NVR2016ISA QRP ALL380,38049336422.7 
15IZ1POA2014ISA QRP ALL343,54653437120.4 
16OZ6OM2014OZSA QRP ALL (T)334,52147334125.0 
17CT1GVN2015CTSA QRP ALL258,66939736922.7 
18AK8H2016W8SA QRP ALL231,01237627622.6 
19AK8H2015W8SA QRP ALL (T)230,42137626722.1 
20LZ1DM2017LZSA QRP ALL217,35238026920.8  
21GX5XV2015GSA QRP ALL (T)215,37335830917.7G7KXZ
22S51DX2016S5SA QRP ALL212,31938827926.2 
23PE2K2014PASA QRP ALL212,21241030820.9 
24UT3EK2017URSA QRP ALL202,28836926934.9 
25UN7RL2015UNSA QRP ALL197,57829222323.0  
26G7KXZ2016GSA QRP ALL (T)181,15835127728.1 
27OK2FD2015OKSA QRP ALL175,33732427117.9 
28VA7IR2014VE7SA QRP ALL (T)162,19230321820.2 
29S53K2017S5SA QRP ALL (T)159,62130723122.2 
30PE2K2015PASA QRP ALL158,60037926021.8 
31PE4BAS2016PASA QRP ALL155,75030925018.4 
32YO5PCB2014YOSA QRP ALL144,64034525619.5 
33IZ0FUW2017ISA QRP ALL123,82428021810.8 
34CF7FC2017VE7SA QRP ALL (T)116,52926117918.9 
35PE2K2016PASA QRP ALL110,11228622226.5 
36LZ1KAU2015LZSA QRP ALL88,39626119624.3LZ5MO
37K3TW/42015W4SA QRP ALL78,4301901559.7 
38S58WW2015S5SA QRP ALL77,67920018910.8 
39R7FO2016UA-6SA QRP ALL70,88422119820.0 
40PE2K2017PASA QRP ALL66,72921517719.7 
41UT0EM2017URSA QRP ALL65,45019615420.7 
42NA1DX/32013W3SA QRP ALL52,05217714318.8 
43S54MTB2015S5SA QRP ALL (R)51,22419515214.1 
44OM0ATP2014OMSA QRP ALL44,37018217010.1  
45YU1UO2016YUSA QRP ALL40,00414013711.7  
46TA3IW2017TASA QRP ALL37,57211410112.6 
47OK1DMP2016OKSA QRP ALL37,16913010917.6 
48YO2MLS2017YOSA QRP ALL36,2731271077.6 
49UT3XA2016URSA QRP ALL36,1081311187.7 
50RL3DZ2013UA-3SA QRP ALL29,60114011710.2 
51SP6IHE2014SPSA QRP ALL25,8001058610.4 
52BD7IXG2015BYSA QRP ALL25,00013310010.6 
53TA3IW2016TASA QRP ALL24,85491868.8 
54E77TA2014E7SA QRP ALL20,5381391267.9 
55DO8YX2017DLSA QRP ALL19,383100917.9 
56EA3FF2014EASA QRP ALL19,00895884.1 
57EA1BP2014EASA QRP ALL19,00099953.7 
58IT9EJP2013IT9SA QRP ALL18,7921018713.4 
59HA5BA2016HASA QRP ALL18,430114975.7 
60N4TOL2013W4SA QRP ALL17,976106847.7 
619M2FUL20169M2SA QRP ALL15,32399777.8 
62LZ5QZ2015LZSA QRP ALL15,105105953.6 
63N5TIT2013W5SA QRP ALL12,64098797.9 
64KC3EDR2015W3SA QRP ALL (R)12,35175699.7 
65UB1AHY2017UA-1SA QRP ALL (T)11,919968712.7 
66SN5L2015SPSA QRP ALL10,944106967.6SQ5ABG
67AA1K2017W3SA QRP ALL10,79767613.2 
68CE4KCA2016CESA QRP ALL (T)9,84974677.7 
69G7KXZ2014GSA QRP ALL9,63992816.7 
70EA7HOJ2013EASA QRP ALL (T)8,70076757.1 
71BI4OJF2016BYSA QRP ALL (R)8,442796315.4 
72W4QO2017W4SA QRP ALL (T)7,61459472.3 
73UR5XMM2017URSA QRP ALL (T)7,15559531.6 
74BH4BUI2015BYSA QRP ALL (R)7,049665314.5 
759H1PI20159HSA QRP ALL (T)5,41864636.6 
76IC8SCI2017ISA QRP ALL4,27248487.7 
77LZ140HB2016LZSA QRP ALL4,22342411.7LZ2TU 
78K2YG2015W2SA QRP ALL3,36036355.4 
79DL8MF2017DLSA QRP ALL2,93737333.6 
80WA8HSB/42014W4SA QRP ALL (T)2,73641364.3 
81TA3PZ2014TASA QRP ALL (T)2,706353311.4 
82HS8FLU2017HSSA QRP ALL2,70040304.8 
83UZ5ZV2017URSA QRP ALL2,37636331.4 
84JK1TCV2016JA1SA QRP ALL2,20133317.0 
85HB9EMS2015HBSA QRP ALL1,31124233.0  
86DG3YJB2015DLSA QRP ALL1,12222225.4 
87DG3YJB2014DLSA QRP ALL1,05824232.8 
88UT0FC2017URSA QRP ALL1,02035345.4  
89K8ZT2017W8SA QRP ALL1,00821212.4 
90UA3RU2014UA-3SA QRP ALL1,00524154.2 
91PD3EDA2017PASA QRP ALL96226261.8 
92K1GAH/32013W3SA QRP ALL79223224.9 
93PY4WJ2016PYSA QRP ALL48624183.9 
94SP9RQH2013SPSA QRP ALL45018181.0 
95BD4HZX2014BYSA QRP ALL41617162.4  
96UR5XMM2016URSA QRP ALL (T)34113110.6 
97BA3QU2016BYSA QRP ALL32413120.9 
98IU3AZC2014ISA QRP ALL25515152.1 
99YU3EMA2015YUSA QRP ALL112980.2 
100PY2IML2017PYSA QRP ALL (T)105770.5 



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Scores in italics were received after the 5 day deadline and are not eligible for awards.

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